Think about adding a Theater to your Smith Mountain Lake home


Home-theater technology has evolved. Prices continue to drop, placing the concept easily within reach for many Smith Mountain Lake households. It’s where the family comes together to be entertained—and is likely one of the most occupied room in the house.

There are several ways to make the home theater more appealing prior to showing a home:

Clean all surfaces: Keep wiring discrete. While seating space is practical in a media room, consider reducing the number of sofas to give a spacious look to the room.

Smart furniture choices: Choose furniture that improves the look of the room and creates the movie environment that so many desire.

Keep equipment out of sight: Blu-Ray players, gaming consoles, speakers—should be kept out of sight. Unique features such as hidden wheels, flow-through ventilation, adjustable shelves, built-in media or speaker storage, and integrated cable management systems can make a big difference.

Indeed, we’re in the golden age of gadgets and components. Rooms focused on technology and entertainment can be extremely appealing.