A Souped-up Laundry Room Can Make a Difference for Smith Mountain Lake Home Sellers, Buyers

One of the most dreaded chores around the house is laundry. Maybe that’s why when selling a house, the laundry room is one of the most forgotten areas to get in shape. The machines are often dusty, with detergent dripping down the sides and lint and old socks on the floor.

Yet it’s an area that doesn’t take too much time to clean and can really make a difference when showing your house to prospective buyers.

The easiest way to make a statement with a laundry room is by adding more energy-efficient washing machines and dryers. Recent statistics by the U.S. Department of Energy show that installing machines with the ENERGY STAR label will decrease water costs by up to 50 percent. There are also machines that automatically adjust the water temperature and the amount of water used for each load to prevent excess and waste.

Many new models are available with designer colors, pedestals and sleek designs, which can make a bold statement. When purchasing a new washer, you’re also going to need to choose between a front- or top-loading machine. While a top-loading machine requires enough water to cover all the clothes in its drum, a front-loading washer needs only a third of that amount because its drum is set horizontally in the machine. It requires less water and allows for larger loads, and it looks great.

On the downside, a front-loading washer is more expensive and can develop mold because it doesn’t empty dirty water as efficiently as a top-loading machine.

When it comes to dryers, new sensor technology is the rage. Dryers with moisture sensors recognize when laundry is dry more quickly than traditional machines and shut down sooner. This saves energy, cash and wear and tear on your clothing.

The use of steam washers and dryers for greater energy and water efficiency is also a growing trend. Steam machines offer enhanced clothing-care options such as short, steam-only cycles that help to reduce wrinkles and remove odors from clothing without using water and detergent.

Laundry rooms used to be relegated to the basement, but today, people are finding space for washers and dryers in more convenient areas of the house like the kitchen or upstairs, near bedrooms. Housing experts agree that installing a laundry nook will raise the value of a home, and make it more convenient as hauling baskets of clothing up and down flights of stairs become a thing of the past.