Use Rugs In Your Smith Mountain Lake Home

It may not be the first thing one thinks about when decorating for a sale, but the addition of rugs to a Smith Mountain Lake home can go a long way.

Rugs can help warm a dreary room, add a splash of color to a dull space, can tone down a room that already has strong and bright colored furniture, and create a new look to almost any room. Plus, it’s a quick fix to any floors that may need replacing.

While there are Persian rugs that can cost thousands of dollars, many rugs can be purchased for prices in the hundreds.

A leather rug can lend depth to rooms and complements traditional and rustic styles. Wool rugs are warm, sustainable, and a great way to add a natural accent to your home. Meanwhile shag rugs can add dimension to a flat room and are extra cozy.

If you anticipate lots of traffic and wear, consider a patterned rug that will tend to hide stains. Also, a wool rug is easier to clean than those of other fabrics.

Pricey oriental rugs are a great eye-catcher when someone comes to see a home. These should be kept out of direct sunlight or they will fade, and these rugs must be specially cleaned.

A jute rug is a perfect indoor/outdoor fabric for enclosed patios and outdoor rooms.

One quick and relatively inexpensive way to dress up a room is by adding area rugs, which come in a wide range of colors and designs. These rugs provide warmth and comfort and can help to absorb sound in a room.

The shape of the rug should mirror the furniture or the room size. For example, a rectangular dining table should have a rectangular rug underneath. Likewise, a round dining table should be paired with a round rug.

Interior designers say you should never cover the entire floor with an area rug; leave at least nine inches of the floor exposed. However, a small rug right in front of the entry door is acceptable.

In a dining room make sure your rug is large enough to accommodate the legs of all chairs. As a guide, your rug should extend 24 inches from the edge of the table to the edge of the rug.

Also be sure your rugs don’t cover floor vents or keep doors from opening.       Finally, for safety, avoid placing rugs so that traffic patterns have people walking along carpet edges where they can catch a toe or heel.

Colorful rugs, placed correctly, can give your Smith Mountain Lake home a distinctive look and added dimension that potential buyers will remember.